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This poem is dedicated to all those who have experienced loss


Not one day, one moment, one second ever went by

when I didn’t celebrate your love.

Your words and your deeds were clear.

And so I ask you to cry.

Cry and let your tears break through the barriers

cleansing your body of sorrow and grief.

    And when you are spent . . .

          and when your tears are dried . . .

                          think of me . . .

Every time you gaze upon the brightness

         of the full moon,

                   so round and so perfect

                           as the twinkling stars dance around it,

     think of me.

If you can do this,

     I will be in your heart enjoying the view



As you hear the sweet sound of windchimes,

           and it’s breezy musical arrangements

               think of me,

                     and the times we spent together

                              reflecting on the richness of life.

Remember the beliefs we shared,

           not the ones we disagreed on,

                   and the long walks and talks that left us

                           both inspired by one another’s energy,

                                        motivating us to share our

                                                      talents with the world.

If you can do this, I will cheer for you,

                   right there in your heart,


If you see something silly,

             or awkward,

                      or odd,

                            or hilarious . . .


Cackle and guffaw as loud as you can.

And when you are finished,

                  think of me

                         and laugh again.

If you can do this,

         my laughter will be heard in your heart,


When you hear one of my favorite songs . . .


           Sing loud. Sing off-key.

                 Sing the wrong words in the wrong tempo.

And when you’ve sung the last verse . . .

           think of me.

If you can do this I will sing along with you,

           right there in your heart,


Don’t ever throw something away

just because you don’t like it,

       need it,

               or use it anymore.

Give it to someone who doesn’t care

            if it’s the latest fashion

                     or the newest model.

To you it may be old . . . to another it’s good as gold.

And when that person thanks you for your generosity . . .

               think of me

and I will share that wonderful feeling of giving

                                   in your heart,


When a child hugs you

            and his or her tiny little arms

                  can barely wrap around your shoulders,

but you feel as if God has embraced you . . .

think of me,

     and all the funny faces, playful places,

rollercoaster rides and water slides we enjoyed together.

If you can do this,

          I will be there holding

                    that child close to our hearts,


And when you chance upon those who have lost their smiles . . .

                              help them find it.

And when they have found their smiles . . .

                  think of me

and the times you helped me find my smile

                and I helped you find yours.

If you can do this,

         I’ll be smiling with you

                       in your heart,


As you read a beautiful poem and it makes you ponder,


              or weep . . .

read it out loud

          as I would read you my poems . . .

                    some of them, written especially for you.

If you can do this, I will hear you as

I will be the poem in your heart,


I take a piece of you with me

       as I embark upon my final journey,

                               to guide me along the way.

But, I leave a part of me with you,

And if you take good care of our special memories,

                  I will be with you

                               in your heart …


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