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Movement gaining momentum throughout the country

Toddlers protest the letters X, Y, and Z in the Occupy Sesame Street Movement.

In an unprecedented move, a horde of toddlers, pre-schoolers and kindergartners descended upon a neighborhood famous for its sunny days where the air is sweet. The growing movement, now known as Occupy Sesame Street (OSS), has attracted a diverse group of protesters objecting to the letters X, Y and Z.

The movement‘s biggest opposition came from the Tea Party, whose spokesperson, Malibu Barbie stated “It’s irresponsible for them to do this is alls I’m sayin’,” adding that her arms don’t bend and no one was available to pour the pretend brew into the pretend teacups.

Thus far demonstrations have been relatively peaceful according to long-time residents Bert and Ernie. However, everything was not A-OK as tensions rose when an unidentified demonstrator unwittingly went potty in what he thought was an average garbage can. The can’s occupant, Mr. Oscar the Grouch allegedly called the demonstrator a “doo-doo head” prompting the child to respond with “Am not”. According to witnesses near the scene the hairy curmudgeon replied “Are too” and the heated exchange continued for a while. It ended with Mr. the Grouch yelling “I know you are but what am I?” which caused the befuddled toddler to run away whimpering “I want my mommy.” OSS organizers filed a formal complaint citing that the incident could have been avoided had the city supplied the appropriate provisions like Porta Pottys and changing stations. Mr. the Grouch could not be reached for comment.

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